Titan’s been on a tear this summer releasing his debut video “The Long Road” and the fiery Gemstones collaboration “Fresh”.  Today his debut project “The Long Road To Salvation” was released on ITunes, Spotify and The ten track project features Cory Cifax , Frend Council and Gemstones with bombastic production highlighting Titan’s message of spiritual redemption in a world of sin and empty pursuits. Titan’s message extends to his “Saints At The Round Table” forum where he’ll discuss the human element of balancing your spiritualism in a secular world. The first series entitled “How Music Affects The Spirit Of Man” is available now in two parts below.

Titan has more in-store for fans including an exclusive interview with One Throne and visuals for album cut “The Dedication”. Stayed tuned to and for updates on Titan’s music and mission throughout the fall.

Dowload Long Road today and catch up on Titan’s releases from earlier this sumer.

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