Outfitt Music CEO Al Koleon treated a select group of fans to see the ‘Cloud Surfing’ documentary at the Indiana Center for Perfroming Arts June 19th. The documentary offers insight into Al’s career trajectory as well as the day to day grind developing the project. Below is an official statement from Al concerning the reception of the event. Watch Al’s “Cloud Surfing” video and stay tuned for for the official release date for Al’s “Mary Jane”.

“Yo Big shoutout to everyone who came out to my private screening June 19th. The showing was a success,it was good seeing so many familiar faces!! Glad to see Everyone enjoyed the Preview of My Documentary & the Cloud Surfing project that We’re about to release in July!! Can’t wait to finally give the Fans what They’ve been waiting for!! It’s been a long time coming!! Also stay tune for the official release of My “Mary Jane” video,directed & shot by Nick Brazinsky coming soon”


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