Friends, Fans and Family have been anticipating the first offering from duo OOOAK and D-Rich and on Monday the public will receive their first official sneak peak of their debut EP. Read OOAK’s official statement below decribing the inspiration behind the record. Tune into Monday morning for the official release.

“To most people it seems like bad pronunciation but I get me me is more of salute to a man that D-RICH and I look up too…we were down and out weighing our options when this man gave us a very important piece of information…. if you want to help anyone at all like yall say you have to help yourselves first..he said firmly I get me me ..if I didnt how do you expect me to get you..we took that advice and exploded the term into a life motto I get me me will be the next Yolo or I don’t get tired except not only will it be tributary to our old friend skinny but it will pass on the same feeling of possibility and self empowerment to the people looking at us the way we looked at skinny” – OOAK 

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