The cult builds as Thoth Set launced and subsequently sold out of their first capsule collection of merchandise this past week. Clothes flew off the shelves following the feverish response from their performance at Lyph Of The Party Texas Fest. Fans of the Brothers Thoth need not worry as they’re already prepping their second collection of merchandise to be released during the holiday season. Read Doc Phibes’ official statement on the whirlwind month of October and  what fans can expect next.

Doc Phibes Statment:

“We’d like to personally thank everybody for making our trips to A3C Festival and Lyph Of The Party Texas Fest, such a success. Because are fans are aweseom we sold through all of our merchandise and our currently preparing for the release of our new t-shirts. Everybody be on the lookout for the new line of Thoth Set apparel coming this holiday season.”

Watch: Official Lyph Of The Party Texas Fest 2015 Recap (Directed by Trilavision)

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