San Antonio OD will star as the lone rap act at Adan Hernandez’s Los Vryosos Tour Exhibition March 21st . Hernandez is a stalwart in Contemporary Chicano Art Culture, famous for his mural ‘Carnalismo”s iconic representatinon in (the 1993 film) “Blood In..Blood Out” and penning the classic novel “Los Vryoso: A Tale From The Varrio”.

OD (born David Alvarez) will hit the stage November 21st for the Los Vryosos event as the only emcee. The San Antonio native’s unique style and worldview made him the perfect fit for an event celebrating the diverse and distinctive Chicano art culture. Read the event details below and watch an exclusive behind the scenes look at the video shoot for his forthcoming single “Vato Loco”.

Los Vrysos Exhibition

Date: Saturday November 21st

Venue: Space 16

Address: 322 S 16th St.

City: McAllen, Texas

Doors Open: 3pm

Suggested Donation: $25

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