OOAK & D-Rich packed out a concert venue on Black Friday just a few short weeks following their sold out show in Texas. Accompanied by Famsquad and Thoth Set OOAK & D-Rich premiered new material from their debut project and kept the crowd jumping through a raucous concert in Linden Tennessee.. Thoth Set fans had the great luxury to pickup merchandise from the Black/White Capsule collection directly from the duo after their scecne stealing performance. The concert was the second for the “Trumpets Blow” tandem in as many weeks as they shut down a sold out venue in Gary Indiana alongside Al Koleon and Pyro Dinero. Headliners Famsquad ran through a set of fan favorites and alluded to the release of their long awaited ‘Sport Coat Willie’ project. Last week Famsquad spoke to Elliott Wilson’s Respect Magazine to reveal information on the origin of the new album title and what fans can expect in 2016.

Stream OOAK & D-Rich’s “I Get Me Me” below and stay tuned to on exclusive news on upcoming performances and their debut EP.

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