As OOAK & D-Rich prep the release of the “Debo” single they’ve spoken with to reveal the title of their official debut EP. Read the statement below, Pre-Order your copy of “Sport Coat Willie” today and stay tuned to for both “Sport Coat Willie” and “Divided We Fall”.

OOAK & D-Rich Explain ‘Divided We Fall’: “The world in our eyes has become a wasteland of want and pleasure. Every man stands alone in the midst of greed and despair, only worried about if they can make it through the day and not about who they can HELP make it through the day. Some are simply lost. Money has taken over all emotion and passion that’s left in the world. We are one body of people and our only mission should be to live and be prosperous in our family, friends and happiness. Together we are invincible but DIVIDED WE FALL.”

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