Twitter was taken by surprise yesterday when Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish officially reunited The Cool Kids, the duo responsible for the cultural zeitgeist of the past ten years in modern sound and fashion. Inglish announced via his account to let fans know that this wasn’t a fleeting remark but rather a true reunion where people would experience the group in full form. Michael confirmed the information via his account and social media caught fire.

It is unsurprising in a year that lost integral pop culture icons (Muhammad Ali, Prince, David Bowie) that social media would rejoice when one of the most lauded groups of the new millennium reconnect with an enthusiasm and sincerity rarely seen in entertainment. If that weren’t enough Michael announced the forthcoming release of his new solo project ‘Funds and Access” which by all accounts will be his final solo endeavor for an extended period of time. Read the duo’s tweets below, purchase Michael’s  “Populair 2” project today and stay tuned to for exciting updates.





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