Barz hasn’t been heard on wax since the Hammond collaboration “HMD” last December but this fall the Indiana native returns with a bang. The first offering from Barz will be the single “Right Now” arriving soon. The artwork (Designed by FlyWidItCustoms) has significant meaning to Barz as he explains in his statement below. Stay tuned to

Barz: “The (“Right Now” Cover Art) was inspired by my personal experiences. The art shows light coming through a door and darkness  surrounding that door. The darkness represents my struggles, setbacks, disappointments and failures. The light coming through the door represents blessings, second chances, and success. I realize now the “dark times” in my life were never meant to destroy me buy to teach me something. They made me stronger! The door being open symbolizes God blessing me with opportunities and even introducing me to people to help me get to the next level. The words ‘Right Now’ simply deal with me feeling like ‘this is my time’. I have worked hard and NOW everything will pay off! I feel like most people can relate.”


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