Leroy Green is an international man of mystery. The Indiana native brought his LYPH brand to Moscow last week and received great fanfare upon his arrival. Following his video shoot in Red Square Leroy was swarmed by over 100 people asking for photos and autographs. Read Leroy’s statement on the statement below and stay tuned for exciting news on “Spirit V. Flesh” arriving this winter.

“Arriving in Russia was a definite culture shock. With no familiar faces in sight, I walked the streets of Moscow/St.Petersburg with only the light of my character and seasoned cool to guide me through foreign grounds.To my suprise I was accepted with open arms as the stares of curosity became the question;”Я могу с тобой сфотографироваться?”in their native tongue(“Can I take a picture with you?”)from men & women alike. This experience was proof to me that friends will always be made through decency no matter race, or culture.”

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