The Road to Revolution is a two way street. David ‘OD’ Alvarez took to Facebook today to announce that “Revolution Freedom X” will be split into two volumes. The first volume of the highly anticipated release will debut Friday November 11th. Watch “Vato Loco” and check out the official track listing for the project.

Revolution Volume 1 Tracklisting

Chapter 1 – A Letter 2 Jehovah (Prod. Chromatic)
Chapter 2 – Revolution : GT Garza (Prod. Toms9108)
Chapter 3 – Freedom X  : Lucky Luciano ICE (Prod. Toms9108)
Chapter 4 – Pearl Harbor (Prod. Toms9108)
Chapter 5 – War : Smoke (Prod. Chromatic)
Chapter 6 – My Race : Lucky Luciano Low G (Prod. By C24/Toms9108)
Chapter 7 – It Ain’t New 2 Me : Low G Lil Flip (Prod. By Thee Drozart)
Chapter 8 – I Can’t F**k Wit Ya : Rasheed Kintoz (Prod. By Tarantino 808 mafia)
Chapter 9 – Mi Casa (Prod. By Toms9108)
Chapter 10 – Tear Drops (Prod. By Chromatic)
Chapter 11 – Tragic Visions (Prod. By D. Gonzalez)
Chapter 12 – God’s Watching (Prod. By Hits)
* Bonus Chapter – Vato Loco – Kintoz O.D. (Prod. by Fuse 808 Mafia)

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