Tis The Season. Today Black3Theoy, Anais Lauren, Cream Team Chicago, Taylor French and Flowmax take the stage for Urban Fetes SXSW. The two stage event is hosted by Jack Thriller and Rickey Smiley host Heakrack. Watch these rising stars perform at the times and stages below and stay tuned to for an official recap.

Anais Lauren – 2:30pm [Stage B] Hosted by Headkrack

Cream Team Chicago – 2:40 pm [Stage A] Hosted by Jack Thriller

Flowmax – 2:40 pm [Stage B] Hosted by Headkrack

Black3Theory – 3:10 [Stage A] Hosted by Jack Thriller

Taylor French – 3:10 [Stage B] Hosted by Headkrack

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