Let us pray. Y.K. Supe puts emcees on notice with “Holy Flow”, a visceral take down of the meme rap generation. The stark visuals paint a morbid picture of Supe burying his competition. Yesterday the Chicago lyricist sat down with One Throne to discuss his upbringing, music influences and the parallels between sports and music.

Below is Supe’s official statement on the inspiration for the video: 

Some things that people get wrong about Chicago is the negativity. It has negativity, but there is tons of positivity that social media and the news doesn’t speak on. In the next 10 years I feel like it’s going to be how it has always been. History repeats itself no matter where you are. Chicago has spurts where it comes down and then turns back up and it’s been like that for decades. Just watch me work.” – Y.K. Supe

One Throne Interviews Y.K. Supe About Chicago’s East Side, BossGuyzEnt, and Hip-Hop’s Unique Relationship With Sports

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