America is a DIY country. The nation’s cultural Mount Rushmore is chiseled from entrepreneurs and artists who succeeded despite the odds. OKC Native Phan The Konnect Man has the formula for success. The Werk Ent CEO spent years honing his craft in Atlanta recording studios before opening one of his own this past year in Oklahoma. sat down with Phan to discuss the forthcoming release of his “Get Konnected” project and his genesis as both artist businessman over the past year.

What was the main inspiration for the title “Get Konnected?”

The main inspiration was dealing with the fact that I didn’t want the project to be overlooked because it wasn’t through a major label. What good is a great album if no one knows about it? I wan to make sure the world is Konnected my myself and my movement.

You spent time in Atlanta to hone your sound. What is the biggest difference between ATL and OKC? 

While I was in Atlanta developing myself and my sound I noticed one major difference: talkers and walkers. OKC has a lot of talkers who say the can assist you but the reality is that we as a state are behind the music scene. That means there are a lot of resources and networks that aren’t currently available to the region. ATL is to rappers what Hollywood is to actors. A lot of people are actually walking the walk.

What do you find to be the biggest advantages of being an independent artist? 

Some of the biggest advantages of being an independent artist is having more creative control on your brand and sound. I have more control when and how I want to release my music.

When did you know you needed to pursue a music career full-time? 

When I released the Artist Development project and gained notoriety from label execs and built my fan base. When I received that response I knew it was time to pursue it full time.

What endeavors can people expect from you outside of music? 

I have a very active business mind so expect a few ventures outside of music including my Barbershop chain “Catch The Buzz” , the fashion  line “FAKE” along with a medical marijuana strain “Konnectabis Cultivations”

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