Give Back to Get Back. Cream Team Chicago care about their fans , family and city. On Sunday the duo will pay tribute to Donnie Macc’s sister who passed away from S.U.D.E.P. The April 9th event is the inaugural tribute and attendees will have the opportunity to donate to epilepsy charities. Read Donnie’s official statement below and support an event that both entertains and informs.

“Celebrating the life of a woman I wasn’t just a brother to, but a guardian of, solidifies the mission we put in motion. Her spark and love was shown in her support of myself and Brandon and our music. She always wanted us to throw her a birthday party and now she’ll have one every year! Long Live Queen Kee!!” – Donnie Macc (Cream Team Chicago)

A Key2Life Celebration

Tilly’s Pit and Pub

1455 Ring Rd

Calumet City, IL


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