Just Win Baby. Jimmi Stone’s forthcoming project “The Ghost Of Al Davis” uses the allegory of football to parallel the ups and downs of being an independent musician and free spirit. Stone sat down with to discuss the genesis of his brand and how his new project will put him in the game. Blow the whistle.

Why Did You Title Your Forthcoming Project “The Ghost Of Al Davis”? 

A lot of my family is from the bay. On a trip there in 2007, I was young, and starting my music career. It was in the 707, B-Town, Frisco, Oakland and Richmond surrounded by a resurgent Dre area hyphy resurrection where two vital things happened: 1. I had realized hands down, Mac Dre was the greatest rapper that ever lived; and 2. My cousin Willie Joe’s Bay’d Out mixtape had just dropped. Still, to this day, in my opinion, the best mixtape ever. Added with grapes, my shell had been devoured. No longer would I not make music I was afraid people wouldn’t like because it was too weird. Instead of a song, I wanted to dedicate an entire EP to the whole Dre area, from sac all the way down to the shark tank. Al Davis exemplified progress. He changed the game, especially for civil rights and business equality. He was a rebel with a cause.

A Handful Of Tracks From The EP Highlight Moments and Eras In Football. When Did Football Become A Source Of Inspiration For Your Music? 

Always. From the jump. I’ve been making obscure sports references since before it was cool. I’m 1998 Joey Galloway.
Do You Feel A Conflict In Rooting For Both The Seahawks And Raiders Seeing As How They Used To Be Divisional Rivals? 
No. If you’re not a Raiders fan in some way, some thing is wrong with you. What that silver and black represents and always has. With them moving to Las Vegas, that leaves me super emotional. Two more years that they will be “the Raaaidddaaass”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Hawks in my soul and spirit and heart and they are my number one. But I also acknowledge good shit, no bias. Still pissed about Marshawn leaving though.
You’re Very Politically Active In Seattle. What Do You Think Is The Most Common Misunderstanding Regarding Political Activism? 
That one person doesn’t matter. That’s bullshit. The power of one does count. Coming together to make substantial change is important. Simple things in your day to day life can be turned into world saving actions.
“Rush” Is A Very Serene Video And Song; What Type Of Music Inspired The Record? 
The band actually! Never got too into their music but definitely liked what they were about and their fans. A true uniqueness unrefined. When I recorded “Rush”, I was so tired of(in my opinion) a majority of the music industry basically copying every thing I had done or said or worn or been. So, lemme make the weirdest shit ever, and expand my boundaries. I didn’t even get it at the time. And now, every time I hear the record I understand it’s brilliance each time. The opposite of how most music goes. Instead of growing tired of it, diving deeper into the record each and every time.
What Will People Take Away From “The Ghost Of Al Davis” After Their First Listen? 

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