‘My Dedication’ speaks on your commitment as an artist and how you had to pave your own way. Is it more difficult for entertainers and artists in the social media age? 

No I don’t believe it is more difficult for entertainers and artists in the social media age because if you can build your following by bringing entertaining things worth watching, it can help your numbers for the projects you’re putting out. In addition, it allows you to reach different demographics at a faster pace in my opinion.

Music and pop culture now exist on an absurd six month cycle. How do make sure you don’t get caught up in the cycle?

The way I make sure I stay out of that cycle is just by consistently working. I already have a large body of music tucked away and I always get beats coming in from different producers. With that being said, it’s kinda easy to stay creative and remain inspired because the different sounds let off a trigger in my brain, it’s almost automatic to write when I listen.

Hip-Hop is so pervasive as a language in world culture that it now takes many forms. How do you envision your role in the global Hip-Hop dialogue? 

I honestly feel like I’m a new wave with my level of versatility and range of writing. In addition, I’ve been through a lot and have lived in different areas and seen different elements of life. So I actually feel like I can see where everybody coming from in there music. I may not like them all on the same level, but I understand it and can work with all types. But overall, I feel like I represent honesty, positivity and real life. I consider myself as an all around MC.

4) Artists are releasing singles and EPs more than full length projects. How much do you attribute that to the new streaming culture? 

I feel like with the new streaming culture it requires artists to put out more music sooner to stay relevant. Artists are more concerned about club bangers and radio hits so singles and EPs support that. I personally feel that an artist should do that, but make sure they put out consistent mixtapes and albums as well.

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