ASAP Mob has a huge London following. How do you think their fans will accept your style of music?

ASAP’s fans are cut from a different cloth. They’re not a stereotypical hip hop & grime crowd, which is why I believe they will appreciate the different dynamic I bring to the table, or in this case, the stage.

Unlike many rappers, you take your live rehearsal and preparation very seriously. What’s the inspiration behind the discipline?

Special Forces training… (just kidding). I follow their ideology, the 6 P’s:  “Piss Poor Preparation leads to Piss Poor Performance”

You’ll be debuting your latest single during your Baller Nation performance. What response are you expecting from the crowd?

Honestly, I try not to have too many expectations, I just get up there and perform, I love it, and I always hope that the crowd do too. So far, so good..

The “Nothing To Lose” trailer looks incredible. What can people expect from the full length effort?

You can expect an interesting narrative, woven within a flowing hypnotic like melody with banging visuals.

When can fans expect Choze to cross the pond and touch the states?

When the land of the free invites the ‘Choze Collective’ to touch down again, we’ll be there. We are ready and waiting..

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