Culture Club. K.Swoe is Hip-Hop s answer to the Swiss Army Knife. The soulful songwriter is truly an alchemy of post millennial genre bending. His forthcoming debut project “The Gathering” is  a carnival of sound; from folk and pop tp Hip-Hop and R&B K.Swoe’s debut is a feast.

The Gathering  sounds like a tremendously mature project for someone on their freshman offering. How long did you spend honing your craft before you began recording the album?

I knew my whole life that I wanted to make music but I didn’t begin honing my craft as an artist until Kanye West dropped his debut album, College Dropout. The soulful productions and meaningful lyrics were a huge motivation for me to make music. I didn’t just want to make music that made you nod your head. I wanted to make people FEEL the way College Dropout made me FEEL when I first heard it. I was 15 then. I’m 29 now.

None of the songs we ve heard on The Gathering  sound alike.  Was that a conscious decision or did that just happen that way?

If I’m honest I think it’s more of a manifestation of my imagination and who KSwoe is. Every thought and experience is unique. I appreciate wonders and newness. My music is the same. The dynamic nature of my expression is no design of my own. I was just designed this way.

How did growing up in the midwest inform your music? 

The midwest is a place of home cooked meals made with love and hospitality. A place where we acknowledge one another in passing. A place where a helping hand isn’t hard to come by. A place where friendship is celebrated. These are qualities I love about the midwest and qualities that mold my expression. This is where the soul and sincerity in my music comes from.

What is the most surprising part of your upbringing? What would people not assume from you when they listen to your music?

I didn’t grow up around musicians. I don’t come from a musical family at all. Music just always found its way to me. I think music chose me. That’s significant.

What can fans expect from a live K.Swoe performance?

Intimacy. When you see me perform there should be a connection so that when it’s done you not only feel like you know me, but you’ll know I’m a friend; someone you can trust. Expect realness.

What s the biggest message you want fans to get from The Gathering ? 

The biggest message I want fans to get is that happiness is a decision you have to make. It’s something you must choose and pursue. Find happiness, whatever that means to you. And LOVE. We all need love, and we all need TO love. It’s necessary. Be soulful. CHUUCH!

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