Podcasting is the meteoric market no one saw coming. Ten years ago the mainstream press declared radio dead. Over the course of the past decade there’s never been more feverish interest for talk radio in recorded history. From Joe Rogan to Bill Burr Americans are tuning into longform radio in droves. Enter Bob and The Boys. The upstart sports podcast runs the gamut and covers the full sports spectrum with the flair and charisma of seasoned vets. We sat down with the latest rookies in the podcast market as they claim their spot atop of the sports talk echelon.

How did you first encounter podcasts? Were there programs you had an affinity for?

Many of the members of our podcast heard the Pardon My Take podcasts. Shortly after we started to hear many different sports talk personalities get into the podcast market. It wasn’t just us that started to really take an interest in sports podcasts. Many of our friends started to listen to them, acquaintances, family members etc. and we really thought “wow podcasts are starting to become a major outlet in terms of sports shows”. We really liked what the guys on Pardon My Take have done. What really drives us to that show is how genuine they really are. They do not hold back from what their thoughts and opinions truly are, while also keeping the show fun and creating an enjoyable atmosphere. Sometimes if you listen to other sports shows it almost seems scripted and someone is taking a side on an argument just for the heck of it. Our goal is to always be genuine, no matter what the topic is. We also strive to be objective. We all have our favorite teams and players, but we do not want to let our likes or dislikes cloud our judgments.

The sports audience is tuning out in droves to broadcast sports TV. Do you think the major shift is to podcasts?

We do think podcasts are the new and popular outlet in terms of sports opinions and shows. You can really start to see this shift from the direction some of the major sports companies are trending. For example, look at ESPN. ESPN is a great company and we are not here to bash it. However, look at how many different personalities they have fired in the last year. You can attribute some of that to the popularity in sports podcasts. That is why many people on ESPN and other major sports stations have had some of their personalities tap into the podcast market. We feel that this is just the start of this change. Podcast popularity will only continue to gain momentum.

ESPN and Fox Sports have their main on-screen talent compete in the podcast market. How do you cut through the noise and create a unique narrative for your program?

Bob and The Boys plan on doing this in many ways. First, every week we will bring a well-informed, unbiased, and genuine opinion to our viewers. Many of you who listen to different sports shows can tell the opinions are sometimes scripted or many of the takes are just for viewer bait. Secondly, we plan to keep all our shows fun and “out there”. What I mean by “out there” is we have some guys that kind of think outside the box and have opinions that may shock you at times. Lastly, we have a variety of entertaining and different segments. Bob and the Boys has sports betting advice, questions we take from our viewers, to a game show between Kyle and Shawn (two brothers), and much more to come. Again, we want to keep our show fun, informative, but also unique to different markets.

How is the format of ‘Bob and the Boys’ different from the standard sports podcast?

-We feel that we differ in many ways from your standard sports podcast. For starters we differ in the fact we have such a variety of personalities within just one show. We have everything from the analytical nerd to the weird guy that may flirt with crossing the line at times with some of his opinions. We are all so different and our takes often will express that. As I mentioned before our format differs with our segments. “Bet or Sweat” is my personal favorite. This gives you betting advice on sports lines of games. We also have “Fact or Fiction”, which is a fun game show between two brothers, but it also gives you good insight and opinions to a variety of sports topics. The last thing I would say that makes us so different is the variety of sports topics we will cover. We will not just limit ourselves to NFL, NBA, college football and basketball topics- we will dive into all sports in some way throughout our shows to bring a variety. We have personalities with a lot of knowledge in all major and college sports.

What is the ‘perfect’ audience for ‘Bob and The Boys’? Is it strictly a sports audience or are you aiming for a broader cultural reach?

Bob and The Boys focus is to appease our sports listeners first. Our love is sports and we want to share our sports opinions, but also entertain while doing so. That is where we believe that Bob and The Boys is really for everyone. Just because you may not love sports, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to Bob and The Boys. We have some characters on this show and I am confident you can get a lot of humor out of the show. You also may find yourself drawn to sports more from the humor, but also the insight we bring to the table as well. Our show also wants to stay relevant in terms of culture. We have personalities that come from different ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and socio-economic statuses. That being the case we feel like we are always socially aware on our show. The last thing I want to mention is how our group really bonded and became so tight. Starting with my junior year of high school, we started a tradition called NFL Sunday’s. This was an event in which a large group of friends would get together and watch all the NFL games, with the Green Bay Packers being the most important. My lovely and kind grandparents David and Peggy would make an abundance of food for us every week. This was an event that still goes on today and has formed many close friendships between us all. This event sparked the idea of this podcast. Bob and The Boys also wants to take some of our earnings down the road and give back to charities that involve mentoring children with no parent figures. I can relate as I never had a father in my life, so these organizations are also very important to Bob and The Boys.

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