Bold minds change the world. Muhammad Ali. Steve Jobs. Kanye West. They’re wild boasts and eccentric behavior came from a place of authenticity resonated with the broader public. People fell in love with these icons not because they were massively successful but that they dared to dream out loud. Enter Kind Frankie. The Toronto lyricist/songwriter is in the first inning of a promising entry to the music scene. His infectious harmonies and alluring production give him a polish and professionalism beyond the standard newcomer. We sat down with T Dot’s most promising new act to discuss what makes him tick and why his sincerity is his appeal.

What’s the origin of your performer name (Kid Frankie)?

In 2010 Wiz Khalifa dropped ‘Kush and OJ’  which featured the track “The kid Frankie”. At that time Wiz was all i listened to and the song felt like it was describing me and how my life was at the time. My whole life everyone called me Frankie so it felt obvious to make my stage name Kid Frankie

Who were your biggest musical influences when developing your sound?

The biggest influence when developing my sound has to be Tory Lanez and Kanye West. They helped me understand melodies and how to put words together that would catch the listener’s attention. They’re not known for having the greatest bars but for the vibe you get when listening to their music . I’ve never had Kendrick Lamar bars but i know how to deliver my music and it works for me so I’m running with it!

What was the moment you knew you wanted to pursue music as a profession?

At first it was all for the ladies. i notice the amount of attention some artist were getting from the girls just because the music;  that alone sold me. When i went to college we made a crazy music video for the Western/Fanshawe students and everyone was vibing with it and begging for more! That’s when I knew I could really do something.

What is the biggest misconception about being a recording artist?

These days with all the wannabe trappers straight lying in their lyrics i think people are starting to think that thats how everyone is when thats not the case at all. Everything I rap about I’ve really experienced. So people that listen to me should know that all this is real. There’s no acting on these ends. The real fans want something real and you can get that from me .

How will people view The FTG Kid Frankie brand by the end of 2018?

Right now people know I’m grinding.  Even if you don’t know me you can see from my work that i got it ! People won’t accept me until i make something of myself. This year I’m gonna leave them no choice but to rate me ! I’ll be in Toronto’s face with bangers and I’m not going to stop!  by the end of  2018 all the young people of the GTA will be familiar with me and the gang !

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