Brick By Brick: The Inevitable Success Of Consistent Growth

The Truth is always scary. The incontrovertible relationship of cause and effect. The reality that anything worthwhile is a byproduct of tremendous sweat equity and hard work. Entrepreneurship is the necessary engine of the modern world but we discredit it’s value. The public is dopamine addicted to the instant gratification of post millennial media. We don’t want to cheat the system but don’t want to stand in line at a digital DMV with our ‘imagined competition’ achieving their dreams.

So what do we do? We either feed our caffeine-riddled social media musings with ‘fellow-traveller’ conversations or we get to work. The UGLY truth is that learning your best traits and skillsets is a dry, rote, repetitious (and often) lonely endeavor. Great ideas come from brainstorming. Great productivity stems from doubling down and investing your focus on the process.

Commit or Quit. Success is often the result of an ugly journey with a singular focus. If you’re looking for support you need to build them outside of your war zone. You wouldn’t expect a solider to nap while they’re on duty. As a protected civilian with the world at your fingertips it’s your responsibility to discern between ‘the family’ and ‘the fight’.

Growth never comes from a place of comfort. World class athletes get sick before competition. Multibillion dollar entrepreneurs suffer sleepless nights toiling over a new product. Anything you earn in life will be countered by the amount you sacrifice.

Muhammad Ali’s legend is littered with indelible quotes and unforgettable events. The symbology of his myth is centered on the notion of achieving the impossible. Entrepreneurs and young business professionals are fighting against conformity, social acceptance and career ruin. For those individuals a single Ali quote rings most true: “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

Keep It Simple: Don’t Cheat The Process and Respect Your Environment. Eighty percent of life stems from knowing what you want and knowing where you are. You can do it. Now build it. Brick by Brick.

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