West World: Shakara West Sits Down With The Progress Report February 14th

West World. As Shakara West puts the finishing touches on her inaugural effort (“For The Love Of Music”) the ATL singer/songwriter will sit down with radio program The Progress Report Wednesday February 14th. The Progress Report is one of Atlanta’s hottest radio programs covering legends like Too Short and new stars like Jose Guapo. Shakara […]

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Double Time: Choze Teams With Fontzarelli For MOE Event Tonight at Ritzy Cinema In London

Double Time .Choze Teams With Fontzarelli for Tonight’s MOE Event at Ritzy Cinema in London. The “Name and Face” emcee is elevating his game and will debut new music to his growing cult of followers. Choze recently stole the show at Whirled Cinema with an eclectic stage presence and a live collaboration with the Grime […]

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Up In Smoke: Al Koleon Lights Up The Forge Alongside Twista

Up In Smoke. Al Koleon lit up The Forge Friday evening alongside fellow midwest Legend Twista for a fantastic affair. Kush World Koley opened up with his special rendition of “All The Way Up” followed by a collection of classics. The Outfitt Music CEO closed the night with his explosive single “In The Field” to […]

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Brick by Brick: K.Swoe – Culture Club

Culture Club. K.Swoe is Hip-Hop s answer to the Swiss Army Knife. The soulful songwriter is truly an alchemy of post millennial genre bending. His forthcoming debut project “The Gathering” is  a carnival of sound; from folk and pop tp Hip-Hop and R&B K.Swoe’s debut is a feast. The Gathering  sounds like a tremendously mature […]

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Brick By Brick Q&A: FVLCXNI Reinvent The Duo

No Games. FVLCXNI are writing their own rules in the post millennial music landscape. Their sonically diverse self-titled project is a testament to the group’s ability to merge genres while maintaining a singular message. The ominous sonics of Travis Scott and accessibility of Migos are certainly indelible fingerprints in the sound of FVLCXNI. The group […]

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In The Field: Al Koleon To LiveStream Tonight’s Performance With Twista AT The Forge

In The Field. Al Koleon will treat out of state fans with a livestream of his performance at The Forge this evening alongside Twista. The Outfitt Music CEO’s putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming project “Grindin Season”, a dynamic collection of songs that expand Al’s repertoire while feeding his cult following. Attendees and Facebook […]

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Showup: T.Woods Added To StationHead Lineup Courtesy Of Sobe299’s A&R Wednesdays

Showup. On Wednesday Stationhead (the next music app to dominate your smart phone) added music from the Distinguished Records CEO’s debut album “Unforgiven”. Sobe299’s “A&R Wednesdays” played the southpaw’s soundtrack amidst new music from best and brightest in urban rhythmic like Syd, Iris Temple and Tobi Lou. Stream Woods’ latest sonic tornado “I’m On It” […]

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Thicker Than Water: Cream Team Chicago Offer Warming Tribute To “Family” With Latest Single

Thicker Than Water. Cream Team Chicago switch gears and offer a warming tribute with their latest single “Family”. The third single from “Key 2 Life” is a stark departure from the haunting “Traumatize” and seductive Fly”. Their forthcoming debut project is a mosaic of modern prose, street tales and celebratory moments. The duo will make […]

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Brick by Brick: DataBass Levels The Playing Field

Canadian native DataBass is a true wunderkind. The DJ slash producer has a signature sound to his music mature beyond his years. DB takes full advantage of social media, highlighting the vibrancy of his creative process via Soundcloud and Twitter video. sat down with the mix maestro to discover the Canuck’s influences, inspiration and […]

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In The Field: Al Koleon To Perform With Twista, Do Or Die Friday January 26th

In The Field. Al Koleon hits the stage with Twista and Do or Die January 26th. The Outfitt Music CEO will premiere new music from the hotly anticipated “Grindin Season” project and a bevy of catalogue classics. Al’s forthcoming masterwork is everything fans have wanted and more. The midwest mogul took extra care crafting his […]

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