Famsquad is an indie mega group that’s built a kingdom by living with the people. What other group in Hip-Hop (or any other genre) has national stature but takes time to connect with it’s audience on a daily basis? Whether they’re touring with Sir Michael Rocks (“Sport Coat Willie Tour”) or on Sway In The Morning displaying their lyricial acumen they’ve proven to be a cut above the competition. Hometown heroes in each of their respective cities the group appreciates the accolades but know their success is based on their relationship with their fans.

This fall Famsquad returning to wax with “Sport Coat Willie” , their first full length project in three years. Upon the reveal of the hand painted album cover fans feverishly snatched up pre-orders of the project and rushed to view the “I Get It” visual co-starring Sir Michael Rocks and Tuki Carter. Famsquad is the canary in the coal mine, a warning to all big wigs and major label acts that rely solely on their corporate sponsorships. If you can’t connect with the people and be direct with your audience you’ll exist as a footnote in contemporary music. Famsquad brings the community back to music and it’s here to stay.

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